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4.8V Cordless Multi Cutter 2900

Compact and powerful cordless cutting tool for both stiff and flexible materials

Cut both straight and curved lines in an accurate manner

Diverse sorts of materials can be applied to

Ergonomic and comfortable design



Scope of Delivery

Specifications: 4.8V Cordless Multi Cutter 2900

• Battery voltage: 4.8 V

• No-load speed: 10000 rpm

• Weight incl. battery: 0.5 kg

• Max. cutting speed in Cardboard: 22 m/min

• Top-Product: 0

• Max. cutting speed in Carpet: 13 m/min

• Max. cutting speed Double corrugated cardboard: 20 m/min


Scope of Delivery: 4.8V Cordless Multi Cutter 2900

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